Get 27 Nations 2022 World Cup with play-off queue across zones

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The 2022 World Cup finals have seen 27 of the 32 national teams compete in the tournament. While the faces of cross-zone playoff matchups. Including the competition schedule is more clear.

In Tuesday’s qualifiers, five African nations were guarantee finalists: Ghana , Senegal , Tunisia , Morocco and Cameroon.

The European zone adds Portugal and Poland to the 2022 FIFA World Cup final ufabet.  

CONMEBOL fills Uruguay and Ecuador into the last 32 nations in Qata. While Peru secures play-off rights.  

That makes the representatives from each zone consist of

Host : Qatar

UEFA zones : Germany , Denmark , France , Belgium , Croatia , Spain , England , Serbia , Switzerland , Netherlands , Portugal and Poland.

AFC Zone : Iran , South Korea , Japan , Saudi Arabia 

CONCACAF Zone : Canada  

CONMEBOL Zone : Brazil , Argentina , Uruguay , Ecuador

CAF Zones : Ghana , Senegal , Tunisia , Morocco and Cameroon.

The rest of the quota belongs to UEFA Zone 1 , the chair waiting for the winner’s play-off between Wales  , who go to wait for the winner of the Scotland-Ukraine final between Scotland and  Ukraine.  

CONCACAF zone 2 quota to be conclude this Wednesday. The trio competes for the United States , Mexico and Costa Rica .  

The last two FIFA World Cup tickets are due to cross-zone playoffs, which will be play on 13 or 14 June at the Qatar Central Stadium .  

It’s a duel of Peru , rank fifth in the CONMEBOL zone. Waiting for the winner of the duel between Australia or the UAE, two nations from the AFC who will duel in one match, know the results on June 7 in Qatar as well .  

And ending with the playoffs of the 4th place CONCACAF zone. Which will be known this Wednesday. Challenge the representatives from the Oceania zone. Between the winners of the Solomon Islands or New Zealand games. The results will be known on the same day. Then have time to ambush the team for more than 3 months to win tickets for the World Cup 13 or 14 June .