Klopp warns Liverpool fans not to sing anti-homosexual songs

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urge the Kop not to sing anti-homosexual cheerleaders from now on. By considering that if it is a funny cry It was a useless act. If the person who sings it has a really anti-homosexual attitude It also means that the people who sing like that are idiots.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urge some fans to stop singing the anti-gay anthem after a small group of “The Kop” sang the song. The “Reds” defeated Norwich City 3-0 on Saturday 14 August ago.

For some Liverpool supporters singing an anti-homosexual anthem against Norwich, it was aimed at young midfielder Billy Gilmour. “Canary yellow” on loan from Chelsea by the main words. What a small group of Liverpool supporters use is the phrase The “boy who sold from Chelsea”, shortly after Saturday’s game, Liverpool made a statement condemning the move, and Klopp recently said he was unhappy with the sort of thing. that too   The German coach revealed that “Why do you have to sing about some kind of resistance on the football field? I never understood that. I never liked doing that. And I don’t like the events that happened this time. Especially since it happen to our own team. When we were actually probably the team with the best cheer list in the world. Deciding not to sing like that anymore was an easy one.”

“I heard the songs they sang. It’s not the best cheering song in the world. So it means you don’t even have to sing it. Obviously, it makes a lot of people feel bad about our supporters. which for our fans and for me then If it makes other people feel that way then it means we should stop singing like that. and singing other cheering songs would be better.”

“I really thought it (quitting anti-gay singing) was a very easy decision. And it should have been an easy decision. Of course, I’m guessing some people might think, – Come on, we’re just joking. only to make them upset – something like that. But that’s the problem. Most of the time, we don’t understand what kind of concept the singer sings. (meaning I didn’t know that the person who sings it has a strong anti-social attitude. or sing in a funny way)”