Ronaldo not thanking the fans after the game

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Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville has criticized the body language of Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo following their 1-1 draw with Newcastle on Wednesday. Choose to walk down to the dressing room at the end of the whistle. Instead of applauding the supporters who followed them to St James’ Park.

Ball United yesterday that was bad, but the drama after the game reinforces the peculiarity. Especially alumni like Neville, who have been observe for several months in the case of Cristiano, who at the end of the game opened his ass away. first of all Refusing to show his appreciation to the ‘ Red Army ‘, who followed up to support both home and away games.  

“ You need to be there. When the teammates need you to be together at that moment, ” he opened his mouth on ‘ Monday Night Football ‘.

“ But anyway, I love that guy. He is the best player of all time that I have ever seen in my life. But he shouldn’t run with his ass like he does. That derails my mind. ” 

“ I don’t even care how you performed on the pitch that day. But you need to walk out in front of the fans. Applaud them at the end of the game. appreciate their sacrifice Especially when you are the best player in the world. One of the best players of all time. ”  

“ We are talking about body language. There has been talk since the beginning of the season when Ronaldo ran ass twisted tunnels found in the game , Everton ( draw 1-1) then came on again . ” 

” He ran away before the game found objects Ford ( losing 1-4), when everyone knows that manager . The team is going to be released. and including the match against Norwich. ” 

The Neville also examples of players who perform well in Edinburgh’s Cavani how to play good , play bad fit or a professional book was filled with thanks the fans after the game at all times.