Rummenigge admits surprise Kimmick did not vaccinate against coronavirus

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Former Tigers boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge admits he is surprise to hear news Joshua Kimmick has not been vaccinated against COVID-19. But believes the midfielder. The 26-year-old will change his mind soon.

Former Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge admits he is surprise to hear that Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmick was unable to play. Get vaccinated against ‘COVID-19’ due to concerns about long-term effects. But the 26-year-old midfielder is believ to be vaccinate soon. It is reveal to ‘Build TV’ on Sunday. 

‘Of course it’s a surprise that he hasn’t been vaccinate,’ Rummenigge told Bild TV. ‘I believe he may be vaccinated soon. He may be an exemplary Bundesliga player in many respects. I know him as a wonderful person. As his ‘We kick Corona’ initiative shows off’

‘That led to the debate. In February of this year I suggest that footballers should be vaccinate early. To be an example for others I was horribly criticized. Now it has changed a bit.’

Rummenigge also referred to Kimmick, who follows strict ‘COVID-19’ protocols and undergoes tests every other day, as a very responsible player.

‘He is a person and a player who has all the responsibility. We are very happy that he is part of the two teams in our country,’ Rummenigge said of Kimmick, who plays ufabet for Bayern Munich and the German national team. ‘The vaccination requirement is not football. but is political Because there is no vaccination in Bavaria. So we have a discussion.’

‘But that should not be present through football. Basically, I believe FC Bayern has been interest in this. But it’s useless if the players are worried. We go around the area. I got two vaccinations because I want to go to a restaurant or a stadium without being teste,’ Rummenigge said.