Atletico Madrid preparing to move to the Premier League football team

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The young midfielder of the “Bear” team, Atletico Madrid, 26 year old. He is rumor to be preparing to move to the Premier League football team. After he being target by both Manchester United and Liverpool and Diego Simeone. Atletico Madrid did not close the opportunity to leave the team as well. If you get a satisfactory offer.

Including the latest “The Mirror”, the British media states that Frances Aguilar, Saul’s personal agent, has news to fly directly to the elite city on Monday. To set a table for negotiations with the top two Premier League teams. Although Saul has a release clause of up to 128 million pounds. But the Atletico team is expect to be reduce to just around 50 million pounds. to suit the current economic conditions

Liverpool are in need of a new midfielder to replace Georginio Wijnaldum, who joined PSG, but Jurgen Klopp will need to sell at least one or two players. Raise funds for a successful closing of the deal.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are also interest in the 26-year-old as a potential replacement for Paul Pogba this summer.