Australia made a big mistake in deciding to stay in Asia

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Australia ‘s The Roar website Come out to comment on moving to participate in football in Asia under the supervision of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) that it was a big mistake because it made football in the country and the system. Build good players with deteriorating quality, not worth the money invested each year. 

The media analyzed

The media analyzed that The youth national team has failed hard. The latest in the 19-year-old Asian Championship 2020 qualifying draw with Laos 2-2. In addition, the domestic league refuses to use the 3+1 rules. Importantly, there is no Division 2 league. In addition, the program is not organized to suit the Football tournament in Asia until becoming a blind spot in development in the AFC Asian Cup Champions League Australia’s coefficient is not much better than the Philippines. (Australia 1+2, Philippines 1+1) It doesn’t look like a serious AFC football directory. Joining the AFC is one of the worst things Australia has ever done. Football is declining in every aspect and it makes high payouts without good returns.

AFC Champions League

AFC Champions League that’s not a problem But it has created many obstacles for Australian teams joining the A-League club, failing to qualify for the group stage. early participant The Australian clubs were doing well but after that everything seemed to go downhill. It’s not something new or just happening in Australia. Viewers visiting stadiums are in decline in some countries. Many teams also send non-first team teams to compete because they are more focused on their domestic league rivals.     As for the youth national team, Australia is rarely qualified for the international youth competitions. and even though they passed But it’s often unsuccessful. In the previous era, Australia was able to reach the Under-20 semi-finals and the Under-17 finals. The overall picture is better than today and the players have a stage to step into European football.