Canada defeating the United States 1-0 Women Football

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The 2020 Olympic Games Women Football Championship semi-final between the United States and Canada at the Kashima Soccer Stadium on Monday, August 2, 2021. The

Women Football game started, the two teams opened the game, but not yet. Which side can score goals? Until the 33rd minute, Canada came to win from a corner kick. Nichelle Prince got a full header, but the ball fell out of the box after

the 40th minute. Kelly O’Hara came up to the right before turning the ball into Alex Morgan’s head. The end of the first half is still tied 0-0. The

Second half, in the 65th minute, the United States should have scored the most lead from the moment when Khalil Lloyd spun with the right in the penalty area, the ball was going to be inserted under the crossbar, but Stefa Hey, Lube, the Canadian defenseman can dodge it.

Two minutes later, the young American almost again from a corner kick on the right side, Julie Ertz has a full butt, but Stephanie Lube, the Canadian goalkeeper, is still tough to brush off again.

However, the minute At 74, Diane Rose slips the ball into the penalty area, and Tierna Davidson kicks into the ankle. The referee checks the VAR before blowing a penalty for Canada and Jesse Fleming is responsible for killing and failing to give Canada a 1-0 lead,

Resulting in the end of the game. Canada is the slasher defeating the United States 1-0, soaring through to the gold medal match. For the first time in history, they face Sweden, who narrowly defeated Australia 1-0 as well.