Lille defeats PSG 1-0 to win first Super Cup

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Lille enjoyed the Ligue 1 title after beating Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 to win the French Super Cup for the first time.

Competition Football French Super Cup at Bloomfield Stadium. Tel Aviv (Israel) “seal pups” Lille win French Ligue duel boiling with Paris Saint Germain. French Cup Champion

Ligue 1 champions Lille sent spears duo Jonathan David and Burak Gilmaz. While French Cup winners Paris Saint-Germain had Mauro Icardi in front.

The result show that the first half arrived in the 45th minute, Lille had a goal up to 1-0 from the moment Burak Yilmaz passed the ball to Cheka, stomping right from the penalty area. The ball flew into the net decisively. before finishing the first half with this score

In the second half, it was clearly PSG who had more possession of the ball. Until the 71st minute, Mauricio Pochettino had to replace former Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum in hopes of improving the midfield game.

Then, in the 74th minute, PSG almost equalized from the moment Mauro Icardi fired into it. But was caught offside by the referee

The rest of the time, PSG tried hard to attack Lille, but in the end, they failed to break through to score. End of the game, Lille won 1-0, winning the Trofe des Champignons or Fe. The French Super Cup is won this year, before the new Ligue 1 season kicks off next weekend.